About Us

Our company has fifteen years experience with full specialization in this field of spa services, so that we can offer the appropriate survey and solution individually for each hotel unit, depending on the capacity,the class, ethnicity of the visitors, the availability of sites etc. (customized solutions).

We have collaborated with many hotel facilities in the design and landscaping, equipment, staff training, selection of raw materials, organization and operation in spa services sector (such as: Lyttos Beach, Belvedere Resort, Star Beach Hotel and Water Park, Annabelle Village, Arminda beach hotel, Anthousa Beach Hotel, Golden Beach Hotel, Glaros Hotel, Palmera Beach Hotel, High Beach Hotel etc.).

Furthermore we provide medical services through the space of the spa, and we already collaborating for several years with various doctors and therapists, such as plastic surgeon , orthodontic surgeon ( implants ),  respiratory therapist, nutritionist and organized physiotherapist. It is known that medical services in our country have a very good value for money, which is gaining ground in key tourism markets of Greece. Already in our branches, this sector works quite well for many years.

We can recommend various forms of cooperation , namely:

  • The layout and equipment of your space with our own costs and space utilization versus scaled rent or rates of turnover of the spa.
  • The layout and equipment of your space with your own spending and our own design and supervision and exploitation of space for a fixed rent , annually indexed to inflation or respective rates of turnover of the spa.
  • The exploitative use of existing infrastructure spa for a fixed rent , annually indexed to inflation or current rates of turnover of the spa.
  • The lump gainful design and landscaping , equipment , staff training , selection of raw materials and organization of the spa.

The layout of workplaces by the company implemented with the support of professional architect Nicholas Mourelou .

Please in case of interest in this cooperation proposal contact us (more info on contact page), to arrange a visiting from us in your space to explore together the possibilities of cooperation between us.