Medical Plans


Medical Therapy

Oxygen Therapy, it lasts 30min and it costs 30

Pulmo-aide(inxalator)-Compact Compressor Nebulizer System, it lasts 15min and it costs 30

Dental surgeons,

Plastic surgeons:

  • Liquid face lift (full face Botox+full face Juvederm/Restylane HA), at 600Euros
  • Combo Lift (full face Botox+full face Juvederm/Restylane HA+Threads+Aqualyx+Peeling), at 700Euros
  • MicroBotox (Botox at the whole face and Décolleté), at 250Euros
  • Lip Lift by Juvederm/Restylane HA, at 200Euros
  • Face Max (Juvederm/Restylane HA around the face), at 350Euros
  • Décolleté treatment (Alidya) for 6 treatments (one treatment/month), at 500Euros
  • Ultralift (Aqualyx for submental/jaws area) for 3 treatments (one treatment every 2 months), at 600Euros
  • Compo Lift (18 screw threads and 2 COG threads), at 300Euros
  • RegenFace treatment (chemical peeling+PRP) for 3 treatments (one treatment/month), at 450Euros


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