10 days Package Antistress



1st Day 2nd Day 3rd Day 4th Day 5th Day
Cretan Massage Face Care Hydrobath Massage Hydrobath Massage aromatherapy Hydrobath Creatan Herbs
Mesotherapy Full Body Massage oil aromatherapy
(with champagne for 2 persons)
Cleopatra’s bath with milk Cretan Full Body Massage
Full Body Massage Algae Full Body Massage Chocolatotherapy






6th Day 7th Day 8th Day 9th Day 10th Day
Hydrobath with wine Hydrobath thalassotherapy salts Oxygen therapy 20′ –
oxygen 95%
Stin Room hromotherapy Face Massage
Face Massage Hot stones Massage
with Cretan Raki
Paraffinotherapy /
Foot Massage
Hydrobath Algae Special Therapy Face Care
Lomy Lomy Massage