Face Treatment


For Face Treatment we use the below products:

Anti-Wrinkles Products

Molecule “RENOVAGE ™” is a patent formula that helps for telomeres protection and fights against stress to which the skin is exposed everyday. It has protective and regenerative action on epidermis structure. Unique combination of wheat germ oil, collagen and blueberry concentrate has extreme action on cell renovation that is the spring of youthfulness. Wheat germ is rich in vitamins, germ lecithin, minerals, oligoelements and helps to supply the cells with oxygen. It also retards the ageing process. Collagen improves skin elasticity. Blueberry is the most efficient natural antioxidant and it is 40 or 60 times more efficient than Vitamin E.

Moisturizing Products

Intensive hydrating formulation with UV-filter, which protects the skin from photo-aging.
Coenzyme Q10 actively stimulates the natural cell functions of the skin and helps smoothing the wrinkles. The rice extract, rich of amino acids and minerals, moisturizes, calms and energizes the skin. Shea butter and Allantoin give a vital moisture.

Lift Hyaluron

Combines the two of the newest and successful methods for wrinkles frightening- BOTULINUM EFFECT and Hyaluron lift. For better results and action; we add natural oils, special sun-protective filters, vitamins and natural extracts.

Problematic Skin Products

The healing properties of plants have been known for many centuries. Therefore, the manufacture of series products FOREST PHARMACY we have taken from nature only the best – more than 30 extracts from medicinal herbs and plants, 5 vitamins and valuable plant oils that form the basis of our special products.